Live Your Life On Purpose!


It’s all about relationships. And relationships are not for the faint of heart! The problems we experience in relationships are usually normal and predictable. What is even better is that the solutions are too! 

Understanding how your brain processes emotions and information and creates reactivity lends itself to your ability to become more emotionally evolved; and harness your own power over your reactivity. Intense reactivity does not elicit our most evolved selves. We’re often more like small children in larger people’s bodies! Reactivity is rarely a pretty thing. 

Imagine facing conflict or even initiating potentially charged conversations with the grace of a wiser, more emotionally evolved sense of self … with fewer episodes of wishing later that you had said it or done it differently. One of the things I love the most about what I do is helping you figure out what it takes to have you looking forward to your own emotional evolution and interacting with others in a more sophisticated and effective manner.  

It’s amazing to watch a person’s self-esteem or sense of self begin to solidify as they figure out how to soothe themselves (tame the reactivity) in the face of difficult communication. Responding versus reacting to the person you are engaged with just feels better. You can decrease the shouting matches. You can stop deciding you might as well not even talk about it! 

I can teach you and then coach you to become increasingly more conscious and intentional about your interactions. Think about how different and how much better your life could be if you felt like you were living it a little more ‘on purpose’. I can teach you to interact more effectively with just about anyone! The tools I use and teach are not rocket science or difficult to do. They are practical and applicable to an incredibly wide range of situations and relationships. 

Together we can explore any relationship issue you want to improve. It’s a no nonsense approach to reclaiming your inherent birthright to be happy and be able to connect with others with ease and confidence.





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