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Wise, down-to-earth, and a heck of a lot of fun, Kelly is a delightful mixture of left-brained smarts and right-brained magic.  Kelly is insightful, intelligent, inspiring and a phenomenal listener.  We have worked with her off and on over a 13 year period.  This includes the fact that she worked with us even after she moved to a different state! We first went to her by recommendation and discovered that we had fallen into great hands.  Our relationship needed a good kick in the ass! We had never experienced Imago Therapy, which we immediately found beneficial.  Kelly was the perfect therapist; she confidently guided us through many issues, while her sense of humor kept our journey fun.  Furthermore, Kelly’s addition of EMDR (Eye Movement Desensitization & Reprocessing) has only made her a more powerful therapist.  I personally have experienced the benefit of EMDR with Kelly and have seen profound changes to my state of being.  Kelly loves what she does and it shows.  She can support you to reach both the most pragmatic solutions as well as the deepest transformations, while teaching you to take the reins and learn how to support yourself.
~ Nancy and Kim

Great gal that Kelly Patton.  She helped turn my life around and find my self-esteem.  My life is so much richer because of the time I spent with her gently guiding me to a fuller life.  ~ Carole

Without question, Kelly is one of the most effective counselors I have had the pleasure to know.  It is a joy to move out of an angry, sad place into one of self-improvement and feelings of accomplishment.  No, she doesn’t wave a magic wand that changes me or my perceptions.  Rather, she is the catalyst for personal growth, inviting/offering/challenging one to leave the unhappy familiar behind.  She is gifted in a good dose of empathy (not sympathy) and devoted to ongoing training in her profession.  She brings to the table strong listening and reflecting skills, sincerity in what she offers her clients and bravery in helping them stay the course.  And, she’s fun! Learning about one’s self does not have to be all doom and gloom! ~ Ann

Kelly helped me through one of the hardest times in my life..., when my husband was terminally ill and then, subsequently died.  She helped me though the grieving process and also helped me to make sure that my 16 year old daughter, who had just lost her father, stayed in check.  Even though my husband passed away, I had a lot of marriage issues to work through to get mentally healthy....Kelly helped me in a very non-judgmental way and ultimately became my life coach...and, my friend. ~ Debbie

As a former client of Kelly's, I strongly recommend her for anyone looking to gain deeper insight into their own emotional development/trauma/abuse or couples counseling.  Kelly is kind, gentle, honest, accepts being challenged, she’s knowledgeable and most importantly, non-judgmental.  Emotionally speaking, I am not the same person I was when I first started with her and I dare say that if you are motivated you will not be either!! ~ J.A.M.

Quite simply, Miss Patton … you are absolutely amazing and shine like the brightest star above … a guiding light for those of us who may be lost for a bit…you help us get back on our true path …You ROCK! ~ Kim

My family and I have worked with Kelly on and off over the past 20 years.  My fiancé and I did some beautiful premarital communication work, including vision maps and IMAGO therapy.  She worked with our 5 year old when she was diagnosed with ADHD on socialization and self-esteem, and many years later with our 14 year old on communication and self-esteem.  I did grief work after the loss of my mom, and some very powerful forgiveness work on relationships. Kelly is always professional, honest, insightful and fun! She is a ball of light and love, providing a safe nurturing environment that is solution oriented. ~ Karen 

Kelly is a very easy person to talk to and she makes you feel very comfortable. She helps you to think about things in a way that we tend not to see helping us to draw our own conclusions. This is a great trait as I like to know that I made my own decisions based on thinking through all aspects of a situation. I have learned a lot about myself through Kelly and am able to handle even the most difficult situations that before I may have struggled with. I am much more at peace thanks to the help Kelly has provided to me and know that I am capable of handling anything that comes my way. ~Stacey L.

Kelly is a joy to work with as she approaches situations with curiosity and values that are engaging. She helps me explore and reflect and opens my thinking to the good in each of us; assisting me to find my own way to solutions. Kelly has an amazing ability to ask questions that challenge my thinking and bring new insights to my own behaviors. I am very grateful for her devotion and support of my recovery and my growth. ~ Chris

Dear Kelly, I am so grateful that you and I have had the chance to meet and do some work together. I've worked with several counselors over the years, as you know. You, however, are the last counselor I've needed. I appreciate your warmth, your commitment to your practice, your very connected presence, and your open mindedness. You made me feel very special and I know that your concern for the growth and well-being of your clients is genuine and authentic. Your ability to intersperse a variety of techniques and opportunities in the work we did together felt very fresh with each meeting. I think you have a true gift for customizing a process that can benefit the unique needs of each client that walks through your door.

I wholeheartedly recommend you to anyone. Having had the opportunity to do both couples work with you and individual work with you, I think I can declare myself somewhat of a Kelly expert here seeing two very different approaches applied in my path of healing and understanding.

Since my last meeting with you, I've learned to come to that place of surrender and unconditional love (most of the time) and it has really been a life changing event for me. You noticed things in working with me that enabled me to use my own guidance system, intuition and manifestation to learn things about myself and how we each uniquely operate in the world that has brought peace to my heart. Your gentle unassuming method gave me permission to feel free to express myself and trust that my secrets are safe with you. Now I have no use for secrets anymore and see those dark spots in my past as simply stepping stones to where I am now. Thank you for walking part of my journey with me and holding my hand when I needed support. Thank you for being the Spirit centered Being that you are; devoted to service of others. With much love and respect.
~ Lisa

My name is Janine and I am a former client of Kelly Patton's. As a woman who was subjected to multiple failures and abuses during my preadolescence and shamed for showing emotion, I learned to hide my tears. The first time I walked into Kelly's office, I was overcome with such a sense that I was safe and in a spiritual essence ~ home. I cried a good part of that first session.

I knew something was wrong inside of me but for the life of me, I could not figure it out on my own. Through time, I allowed Kelly to gently guide me into this part of me where I could barely breathe. She gently and intentionally helped me learn to identify my feelings, reality test where I draw my conclusions from, clarify my language, respect emotional boundaries, (my own and other's), feel my anger and fear/panic and be able to learn to stay in the moment with it. It has taken me my life time to put into practice what I learned...but I am closer to getting it right than ever before.

It was not an easy journey but Kelly's approach left me certain that she was my angel sent from help me manifest my deepest be restored to the woman I was intended to be on the day I was born.  

Not a day goes by that I don't thank God for Kelly and her willingness to work with me. I can only hope you find her as good of a fit as I did for myself. Be blessed...:)) ~ Janine





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